Our Practice Areas

Management Consulting

Konvivial leverages humanistic approaches to provide clients with simple solutions that empower them to mitigate risks, and adapt to new ideologies while navigating their way through complex change.

Strategy Planning & Execution

Strategy Planning

& Execution

Konvivial compares the current state of an organization to its optimal state. The team also provides necessary insights regarding resource allocation and decision support planning to successfully achieve targeted outcomes.

Process Improvement & Performance Management

Process Improvement

& Performance Management

Konvivial applies recognized systems and process-based methodologies centered around core business requirements to uncover organizational processes, performance redundancies, and inefficiencies. More specifically, this approach highlights areas for improvement, thereby leading to improved operational effectiveness, employee empowerment, and enhanced perceptions regarding decision-making.

Acquisition & Procurement Services

Acquisition & Procurement


Konvivial develops frameworks and methodologies to help organizational leaders adequately prepare, communicate, implement, and drive change. This is an essential capability since the lack of an effective organizational change management strategy, organizational strategy and operational transition can be inconvenient and costly.

Training & Development


& Development

Konvivial actively collaborates with organizations to create and deliver engaging training and development programs. These programs are meant to help organizations acquire exceptional talent, increase job satisfaction and morale, improve productivity, and enhance work efficiency.

Financial Management Services


Management Services

Konvivial ensures industry compliance and sound financial practices by collaborating with organizations to understand the financial implications and decisions required to achieve mission objectives.

Human-Centered Design Services


Design Services

Konvivial helps organizations reinvent their approach to problem-solving. By placing the intended demographic and other major stakeholders at the center of the design, innovation, and implementation processes, the Konvival team is able to foster cooperation and find solutions that speak to the fundamental needs of individuals undergoing difficulties.

Enterprise Technology & Engineering

Our team of technology experts help organizations deliver impactful Enterprise business solutions to boost business performance, modernize the current capability, and enhance the overall mission and business outcomes.

Enterprise information

Enterprise Information

Technology (IT) Services

Konvivial offers a selection of IT services to operate, maintain, and support an organization’s systems and applications. Examples of some services include systems integration and interoperability, system applications, maintenance and design, data management, and software support services.



Management Consulting

Telecommunications, or simply “Telecom,” is at the heart of virtually every industry’s growth, innovation, and disruption. With our 25+ years of telecom experience, we help clients receive the most out of telecom services. Our expertise in radio frequency access and use, systems engineering, and telecom planning enable clients to make the most out of spectrum-dependent or computer-based data applications, such as broadband information services. At Konvivial, we strive to ensure that customers’ telecommunication needs are made simpler and more efficient.

Technology Innovation


Innovation Management

Konvivial supports organizations in planning, implementing, and evaluating its capabilities while fully appreciating that technical innovation is both an art and a science. Technology Innovation Management requires the development of new technological skills, change management, and organizational processes to encourage the successful delivery of functionality which adds value and a competitive edge.

Capability Modernization



Konvivial partners with business and IT leaders to develop proactive and comprehensive roadmaps guided by principles that drive future planning and, inevitably, achieve targeted business outcomes.

Information Security & Compliance

Information Security

& Compliance

Konvivial recognizes that an organization’s greatest commercial worth stems from its capacity to access information and technological resources. Accordingly, our team identifies, evaluates, and addresses risks to the privacy, integrity, and availability of an organization’s assets by adhering to the strictest cybersecurity standards.

User Experience

User Experience


Konvivial understands the significance of both the stakeholder experience and interface design in generating true business value. The Konvivial team works with organizations to map user journeys and create products that give stakeholders a meaningful and pleasant experience.

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